Think You Have Enamel Erosion? Here Are the Symptoms Involved

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If you think you’re a victim of enamel erosion, then it’s time to call our office and schedule an appointment. Enamel erosion can make your teeth vulnerable to fractures and cavities. It’s best to treat your erosion as soon as possible. Now, it might be tough to know when to call our office if you’re not sure which symptoms are involved with enamel erosion. So, our dentist, Dr. Cynthia E. Sherwood, would like to help you by listing the symptoms here:

-Sensitivity to certain foods and drinks, like products that are hot and cold

-Discoloration in the teeth (Because enamel erosion erodes the outer shell of the teeth, it exposes the underlying yellow layer)

-Cracks and chips in the teeth (The teeth often become rough, irregular and jagged)

-Tooth cupping (This is when indentations appear on the surfaces of the teeth)

There are many causes of enamel erosion, like over exposure to acidic foods and drinks, low saliva flow, a diet high in sugar and starches, acid reflux, genetics, medications, bruxism and wear and tear of the teeth.

For more information and details about enamel erosion in Independence, Kansas, or to schedule an appointment for treatment, please reach out to Cynthia E. Sherwood DDS when you have the chance. Our dental team will be thrilled to give you the answers and help you need, so call 620-331-4499 now!