Preparing Your Smile for Chewing Gum

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The question is often posed if chewing gum can help combat dental erosion. Even though chewing gum can be helpful for your smile, be mindful of which product you are using, and take note that it is the process of chewing that delivers the benefits, not the gum. Stay away from chewing gum that contains sugars, as they can be harmful to your teeth and cancel out any benefits you wish to obtain from them.

Even though sugarless gum can have its benefits, it should never be used in place of actual oral health care treatments such as brushing and flossing. Always keep following your daily habits for effective oral hygiene, and supplement your care with treatments such as sugarless gum or mouthwash.

Due to the excess saliva production derived from chewing, sugarless gum can also aid in the treatment and prevention of heartburn. Heartburn arises when harmful stomach acids travel up the esophagus. If these acids reach the mouth, they can easily harm your teeth. Saliva in your mouth created by chewing gum can help neutralize these effects, and even prevent heartburn from taking place. The excess saliva chewing gum creates has many benefits beyond heartburn, including helping wash away harmful food and bacteria, fighting diseases that could harm our health, fighting off cavities, and the power to neutralize many harmful acids.

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