Think You Have Enamel Erosion? Here Are the Symptoms Involved

If you think you’re a victim of enamel erosion, then it’s time to call our office and schedule an appointment. Enamel erosion can make your teeth vulnerable to fractures and cavities. It’s best to treat your erosion as soon as possible. Now, it might be tough to know when to call our office if you’re… Read more »

Help Your Teeth With These Foods

Not all foods can damage your teeth. In fact, many foods can help your teeth stay strong and healthy throughout your life. By eating foods that are healthy for your teeth, you also help your body. Your oral health is important, and that requires keeping your teeth in tip-top shape. Our dentist, Dr. in ,… Read more »

A Look Ahead at Tooth Extraction

No matter how well you care for your teeth, there is a risk that you could experience an injury or damaging dental condition that causes a tooth to be removed. Reasons to have a tooth removed can range from a harmful accident or invasive oral infection to overcrowding in the teeth or an impacted wisdom… Read more »

Answer Your Questions on Dental Bridges

From time to time teeth can weaken and deteriorate. In addition, oral accidents and injuries can occur that can leave you with severe dental damage. This may result in a tooth that has been knocked out or teeth that need to be removed. If for any reason you are suffering from missing teeth, it is… Read more »

Four Tips to Boost Your Toothbrush Technique

The concept of brushing your teeth is very simple, but many patients are not achieving the effective clean their teeth need. Our team offers four tips to improve your toothbrushing technique and help you achieve a healthier smile: 1. Brush Gently. This may seem unwise because scrubbing your teeth seems like a more effective way… Read more »

Make Your Tooth Like New Again With a Dental Crown

Teeth that have suffered extensive damage or are too badly stained or discolored for teeth whitening may need a dental crown to become fully restored. Dr. may recommend a dental crown if you are looking to make your damaged tooth look like new. Essentially, dental crowns are protective caps that are placed over weakened or… Read more »

Make This Halloween a Little More Fun for the Teeth

Do you want your child to focus a little more on their teeth this Halloween? If so, you’re on the right track toward a healthier Halloween! If you start while your child is young, there is a good chance they can grow up having Halloweens that are a little more fun for the teeth. To… Read more »

Flossing Your Teeth: The Answers to FAQs

Do you have questions about flossing? If so, it could lead to an improper technique or it could even lead to you ignoring the routine altogether. This is very dangerous for the teeth and gums. So, it’s best to find the answers and information you need so you can take great care of your smile…. Read more »

Preparing Your Smile for Chewing Gum

The question is often posed if chewing gum can help combat dental erosion. Even though chewing gum can be helpful for your smile, be mindful of which product you are using, and take note that it is the process of chewing that delivers the benefits, not the gum. Stay away from chewing gum that contains… Read more »

A Dental Filling Might Be Used to Repair a Tooth Suffering from a Small Area of Enamel Attrition

Minor alignment issues in your dentition can cause two or more of your teeth to meet at an unnatural angle. As time goes by this repetition of biting and chewing can gradually start to wear away on the tooth enamel. In time this could cause a compromised area on the tooth that is prone to… Read more »