A Dental Filling Might Be Used to Repair a Tooth Suffering from a Small Area of Enamel Attrition

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Minor alignment issues in your dentition can cause two or more of your teeth to meet at an unnatural angle. As time goes by this repetition of biting and chewing can gradually start to wear away on the tooth enamel. In time this could cause a compromised area on the tooth that is prone to a severe cavity or an undue dental fracture.

If you put off having the enamel attrition treated and repaired at Dr. Cynthia E. Sherwood’s dental clinic, the problem could worsen, leading to significant complications. With early diagnosis small area of enamel, attrition might be repaired by applying a simple dental filling.

The process starts with a thorough examination of the tooth to assess the extent of the damage. Dr. Cynthia E. Sherwood will then use a drill to remove an additional amount of tooth enamel around the compromised area. The material Dr. Cynthia E. Sherwood uses for the dental filling will be based on the tooth’s location and its visibility in your smile.

A composite resin dental filling can be shaded to match the surrounding tooth enamel. This makes it a good choice to repair an area of enamel attrition on a tooth that appears in your smile. Amalgam dental fillings are made from a blend of dental grade metals. They are known for being durable making them a good choice for repairing enamel attrition on a molar or premolar.

If you live in the Independence, Kansas, area and you have a tooth suffering from an area of enamel attrition, you should call 620-331-4499 to have it examined and treated at Cynthia E. Sherwood DDS.